WARNING SIGNS to buy a house

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WARNING SIGNS to buy a houseHere are the top 8 warning signs to look for when purchasing a house.

When buying a house, it is common for a buyer to be puzzled with many various feelings, emotions, and reasoning. This condition can sometimes lead to the possibility of not detecting some very important things during the house hunt. There are certain things that every purchaser should look for the possible properties. Objects such as the age of the roof, the oven and hot water heaters are some of the top looking up a house for any problem.

Buyers should also look for possible red flags in a house when they see. Some home buyers are out of a relatively easy home and others can take away a lot of them. Many of the top warning signs that buyers should look for are things that should not be taken lightly.

If one of the above warning signs is discovered, it is vital to investigate before you get on the next stage of purchase. So what are the big warning signs to look for when buying a house? Here are the top 10 warning signs to look for when buying a house.

  1. Structural/ foundation problems

One of the most expensive repairs a house is right is foundation problems. The foundation of a house is probably the most important part of a house. A house with a problematic foundation can cost a homeowner a huge amount of money to correct the problem.

When looking at the house, it is important to be aware of the building’s foundation. If the house has an unfinished basement, it can be relatively easy to observe whether there are any cracks in the foundation. The small crack can only be a sign of settlement in the home.  However great cracks can be correlated with the foundation as a sign of structural problems.

If a house does not have a basement or a finished basement is not allowed in the foundation to see in another way, whether a home structural problems occur, the door frames across the house. If the door frame seems to have space or the doors seem to have difficulty closing, it is possible that there may be some problems with the structure of the households.

The best way to determine whether a foundation has a home or structural problems is by hiring a certified examiner who can identify any potential problems and document them. A further investigation by a structural engineer may be recommended to provide solutions for uncovered problems.

  1. Messy electrical systems

Depending on the age of a house, it can have problems with electrical systems.  Any electric problems are warning signs that should be recognized for a buyer. Many older houses still have old electrical panels and can contain too many circuits, or they can still have button and pipe wiring that can cause significant problems.

It is understood that most buyers are not professional electricians, but simple things like turn on light switches, inspecting the flickering lights and checking the outlets are good ways to tell that the electrical system seems to work properly. A property inspector can check and test the electrical panel outputs to ensure that electrical installations are fine.

  1. Fresh colour at random

One of the best ways to cheaply prepare a home for sale is just giving a fresh colour. A room painting is a cost-effective way to make a room feel clean and fresh. This is one of the most important recommendations that a property agent gives to homeowners before listing their home for sale. When looking at the houses, beware of a small part of a room that has been freshly painted. This should be considered as a warning sign. Why should the seller just paint a small part of the wall?  It is possible that the seller tries to conceal a problem that should be important.

  1. Pest or insect infestation

Depending on the area of ​​the house, there are certain pests and insects that buyers should be looking for. A serious pest problem should raise a red flag. Many pests, especially wood-destroying pests, can cause damage to a house that can cost thousands of dollars to correct. The most common pests that should raise warning signs include powder-post beetles, termites,  and carpenter ants.

The relative costs of pest control are cheap. These costs are worth as a pest or insect problem can cost a substantial amount of money.

  1. Amateur manufacture, repairs and DIY

Some homeowners are not able to make high-quality work around their home. Unfortunately, this is usually not the case. Lack of skill does not prevent many homeowners trying to do-it-yourself projects around their home. The amateur workforce is a warning sign that the buyers have to look at when looking at a property.  It is a very important consideration to make when buying a flipped property. It is common to find some property flippers that do not have the necessary qualifications to complete the projects correctly. Therefore, it is important to pay more attention to the amateur workforce when seeing a flipped property.


Some of the most common amateur amateur jobs to keep an eye on viewing houses include plumbing, carpentry and electrical work. When looking at houses, it is a good idea to keep an eye out for dripping fixtures, toilets, trim adjustment work, untidy electrical cabling and other potential DIY projects. Many of these amateur work problems are only discovered when a house inspection is completed in the house.

  1. Wall or ceiling stains

If a seller has not tried to cover stains on a wall or ceiling with paint, this should still be seen as a warning sign when buying a house.

If there are stains on the wall or ceiling of the house, it is important for a house inspector to figure out what caused these spots. It is possible that the patches originate from a previous problem that has been fixed. If you miss a wall or ceiling stain when buying a house, it can cost you thousands of dollars in renovations in the future.

  1. Poor drainage

Water in a house is something that almost all home shoppers will be afraid of. Water is the main cause of damage to homes due to decay or mould. Most water problems in a house are associated with poor drainage or sorting.

Poor drainage is something that is not always easily detected. An obvious sign of a poor drainage is the accumulation of water. If the yard of a house has mini lakes, it is likely to have a poor drainage that can lead to water problems in the building. Other signs of poor drainage can be overflowing trenches, migratory mulch in flower beds, water stains on cellar walls, and cracks in the foundation.

Correct analysis can make a big difference when it comes to water problems. It makes sense that a negative degree leading to stagnant water in the foundation can cause water problems. It is important that the overall evaluation is tilted away from the foundations of houses and that water is drained from the foundations of the houses. A relatively simple and inexpensive way to keep water away from a house foundation is through the installation of drainage sewers.

  1. Mould and asbestos

Like water problems, mould problems should increase the warning sign when buying a home. Mould can cause great health concerns, especially for small children. Mould problems are not always easy to discover, but if a house that you see has mould problems, you need to check whether the house is suitable or not. Many factors need to be considered to determine whether buying a house with mould is the right decision or not.

Another problem in a home purchasing is asbestos.  This problem is especially in old buildings. Buying an asbestos contaminated house can cause a huge problem in future, for both your health and pocket.  Living with asbestos pose some health problem, which can lead to death.  The process of taking an asbestos removal service is also costly.  So, it would be wise if you ask for a preliminary inspection of the building before deciding to buy it.  The homeowner is responsible for hiring an asbestos removal contractor before selling the house.  Or else, the building’s price will drop extremely low.  So, you must be aware of the asbestos presence in the property you check.

Definitive thoughts

Buying a house is a great event in the life of anyone, whether it is a first time home builder or an experienced home buyer. It is important that when buying a home that buyers are looking for these red flags. While many of these red flags can not be found during the visit of a house, many of these red flags are likely to be found at a house visit, which highlights only the importance of a house inspection when buying a house.

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